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Dear Friends,
We are so very sad to announce the passing of Andrew Sheppy, a man we love and admire so much. He died on Tuesday 9th May following an accident at the farm.
Our thoughts are with his close friends, family, and colleagues.
Shep was a tremendous man with an enormously generous spirit, wicked sense of humour, and an unwavering commitment to conservation biology. He was a true inspiration for so many biologists, young and old, and his impact and influence as a conservationist, teacher, musician, and mentor will certainly endure.
The Cobthorn Trustees and close supporters of Shep's work are making arrangements for the animals at the farm and will do everything necessary to preserve his legacy and continue his work.
Rest in Peace, Shep. Rest in Peace. We'll miss you.

Dolly Breaks the Record !

On December 4th last year our wonderful Cobthorn Dolly broke the record for the longest living Cobthorn Dexter. The record was previously held by Cobthorn Candytuft at 23 years and 200 days, which is now well behind Dolly as she approaches her 24th birthday.

Read more here.

European Commission Recognises Cobthorn Expertise

The European Commission will hold a conference on 9th June on its Preparatory Action on Plant and Animal Genetic Resource to present findings, conclusions, and preliminary recommendations resulting from the preparatory action. 

Cobthorn has been invited to attend and present in Brussels. Save the date (!) and join if you can.

Get involved! - Volunteers Welcome

The Trust is seeking volunteers to help with the general upkeep of the farm and the care of the livestock. In return you will learn about genetic preservation, breed conservation, and gain invaluable hands-on experience and a chance to be mentored by one of the Country's leading breed conservationists, Andrew Sheppy. 

You would be required to commit to regular inputs at the farm through 2014 and beyond.

Contact us here to get involved.

Take a look at this attractive presentation from the UK Dexter Cattle Society. Nicely done.
It's been a cold, wet, and rough winter for many around the UK and Cobthorn wishes you and your livestock well.

We have escaped any significant damage and are looking forward to the year ahead.
    The Cobthorn Trust is dedicated to the conservation of commensal and food species, their related farm and wild species and their environments.

    Volunteers Needed !
    Gain invaluable hands-on experience and a chance to be mentored by one of the Country's leading breed conservationists, Andrew Sheppy. Please contact us for more information.

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